Don’t google img search “naked waddle dee”




I been saying this to lee as a joke bit im actualy serious about this

Its true

im gonna do it

I did the thing.

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I forgot to close my porn on my tablet

And my sister was using google znd saw the tab but I PULLED IT OFF AS ME FUCKING WITH HER. “Haha yeah I knew you’re the only one on it so I put lesbian porn on it to see your reaction.” I did it. I did the thing.

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  • AnonymousI need boy advice help!
  • moseby

    kill him

  • All About Strung Out

    Not in my lobby.

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this video gives me life


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Look I love Everyone

But there are TOO MANY useless gender-related identity titles that are just very specific meanings that already fit under other titles (I.e. boi and demi-girl.) I’m not denying the validity of people who claim this as their identity or their decision, but I think the titles themselves are just variations of existing labels.

Ps I love you, don’t change, and be happy.

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